Fatima's Hostel
Reimiro s/n casa de Fatima Hotu en Tahai, Easter Island, Chile

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Fatima's Hostel is a simplistic accommodation with all you need for a budget stay on the island, just 10 minutes away from the village center and archeological sites as Tahai.

There is a small dining room, bathroom with hot shower, a small kitchen with refrigerators and all utensils needed for cooking your own breakfast and meals.
A dormitory with comfortable bunk beds and clean linen.

Bring your own towel.

There is no wi-fi in the property, but there is free internet access in the public library for all tourists, only minutes away.
We make tours around the island with English or Spanish speaking guide.

Take a taxi at the airport and tell the driver to go to the house of FATIMA HOTU in TAHAI.




Follow the main street Atamu Tekena towards Tahai, ask anybody in the street where Tahai is. On the way to Tahai you will see the entrance to Hotel Vai Moana on the left side. There you have to turn right onto a straight dirt road, walk about 100 meters and continue right, passing by a mechanical garage you will get to a big brick-/stone house on the right hand side, that is Fatima Hotu's house. The entrance to the hostel is on the right hand side of the yellow house next to it.
Mobile phone: 56 9 7565 1416
Phone: (56 32) 2100 559 / 2100 691 Fatima Hotu