Planeta Lindo
Almirante Montt 677, Valparaiso, Chile

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Do you want to get the best of the most vibrant city of this side of the Pacific? Do you want to get a comfortable bed, fantastic facilities, in a great location, but don't want to give away the chance to meet up with other travellers? Do you want to get to the heart and soul of Valparaíso? (And believe us, there's a lot of heart and a lot of soul in this town.)
Well… we are backpackers ourselves, and we have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for when you show up in 'yet' another city of your Southamerican trip. Only that Valparaíso is not just another city. More than ever, you'll want some assistance. Check us out, you won't regret it. It's the Planeta Lindo Experience.
We started out as a group of friends moving together. After toying with the idea for some years, we've opened our own hostel in town. We noticed there were quite a few guest houses (hostales) and B&Bs in the city, but not many real hostels. We offer you a great location, top showers, new mattresses, a huge TV, FAST & FREE wi-fi connection, and the trendiest rooftop kitchen in town, with the best views of the city. But not just that.
We mentioned we can get you into the heart of Valparaíso. That's how this really started. We love what we do and we love to have you with us. We'll take personal care to help you to max out your visit. It doesn't matter if you come here to relax, to check the artistic circuit, to party or just to explore the streets of this unpredictable town. These are all things we have mastered ourselves and keep doing on a steady basis. Basically, staying with us is a chance to join us in our own enjoyment of this beautiful town. So, if you decide to book with us, we'll try to provide you with the best possible Valparaíso experience. And if you decide to stay in some other place, chances are we are going to meet out there anyway, so cheers! And viva Valpo!



From Pedro Montt to Almirante Montt
From the bus terminal take Pedro Montt street and you can walk for 10ish minutes in south direction, heading to plaza Anibal Pinto. If you don´t want to walk, you can take a local micro (bus) outside the bus terminal,also on Pedro Montt street.You can take almost all the micros that you find there, and you need to step off at Lider Supermarket (grocerie store), in Bellavista Street. Almirante Montt street starts from Plaza Anibal Pinto, where you can take a Taxi for 1.200 chilean pesos, around 2,5 usd, So is not bad if you are two people or more. You can take a colectivo for 350 chilean pesos each. Or you can walk up the hill, if you are ready for a steep 600 mts walk. And at the number 677 you will find this pink corner house that wants to share with us its spaces for sharing and finding happiness.